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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Love Red Heads!!!

I have always loved red hair. My precious little sister, Jessica, has the most beautiful red hair. I even colored my hair red for several years. So when this red headed beauty asked me to take her senior portraits I was super excited!

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little Miss Independent

It's been a while since my last blog. Ever since the tornado life has been pretty busy. I have had several sessions since my last blog, and below are a few peeks from one of my many favorites.

I met Kyleigh and her mom, Kelly, at one of my favorite locations, the pecan orchard. Before they got there I took some time to walk around, and try to plan some of my shots. I soon realized that the orchard had sustained pretty bad damage from the recent storms. Several of the trees had been broken at or near the base; it was so sad to see so many of those beautiful trees torn down. To be honest, it was not only sad, but I kind of panicked a bit since now I had no place to shoot, and my client was on their way. So I started walking. I ended up finding a beautiful field with yellow wildflowers and a gorgeous little pond. I was elated!

When Kelly arrived Kyleigh was asleep in the car. Since she is only 2 I was a bit nervous about this especially since I know how grumpy I am when my nap is disturbed. I asked Kelly if she had a good nap earlier in the day, and she said Kyleigh didn't take a nap because she sleeps late on Saturday. I thought to myself, "Oh no! This may not go well." I guess Kelly was reading my mind because she told me she would perk right up.

Kelly opened the door to the car, woke her up, and this beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyed 2 year old hugs her mommy's leg, and says, "My mommy!" And then promptly gave me a beautiful smile. For 2 years old I was amazed at how quick she did perk up, and how independent she was. The only time she fussed at all during the session was when Kelly wanted to carry her over some mud. She wanted to do everything all by herself.

Here are few pictures of Little Miss Independent.