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Monday, September 19, 2011


Saturday I was able to spend the whole day out with my boys. We had a wonderful time! When we got home we decided to go take some photos of them since it was such a beautiful afternoon. Everything was going great & I was getting amazing photos of them until I happened to notice something move in the grass! I was laying down trying to get an artsy photo of Kolton, and I saw & heard the grass move right beside my arm! At first I thought a toad hopped (we have LOTS of toads where I live), but all of the sudden this big, black snake tail whipped out of the grass! Right in my FACE!!!! You can only imagine the high pitched scream I belted out!!!! Needless to say, I was ready to go home at that point! I am just so thankful he was obviously slithering away from me instead of towards me! Ugh!! I shutter every time I think about it!!!

I call this one "Flower For My Mommy"

Oh how I love their handsome smiles!!

Love my boys! :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Susan G. Komen Fireman Calendar

Last night I was sent to Dugan's Pub on the corner of 3rd and Rock street to cover the Susan G. Komen's Fireman Calendar autographing for Sync Weekly.

I had an amazing time, and met some awesome people including the firemen!!!

Pat Shea (May)

Brad Sanders (June)
 Phillip Prater (November)
Brandon Harper (December)
Jean Bisbee (July)

Michael Doan (August)

Pat Shea (May)
Jean Bisbee (July)
Justin Clift (September)
Brandon Harper (December)

Phillip Prater (November)
Mathew Bradford (April)

Roy Wert (February)
Justin Clift (September)
Charles Austin (October)


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brittany & Oscar

I had the funnest (I don't care what the hubby says...funnest is too a word!! Ha! Ha!) engagement session with this couple! They are absolutely adorable!
Their session started off with really cloudy skies, and according to the radar we only had a few minutes before we were going to get hammered with rain!
We were pretty bummed that the rain started right when we really got into the session, but I did risk equipment & hair to get this sweet shot of them!

I love for my clients to bring something meaningful with them on their sessions like photos, etc., so that I can incorporate them into some of my portraits. I especially loved the things Brittany brought. She was so creative & put a lot of thought into their session.

The photo below is my favorite from their session. 

They are such a precious couple. I loved editing their photos & especially designing their custom album. Below are a few pages from it.

Above is a slideshow of their entire session.

Congratulations Brittany & Oscar on your upcoming marriage! I wish you guys all the love and luck in the world! See you again in January!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Favorite Photographer

Today I had the best time with my favorite photographer, Tonee Lawrence. Tonee is not only an amazing photographer, but also one of my best friends!

Our fun day started with a text from her saying lets go take pictures, and scout for some new locations, and of course I said, "Oh yeah!"

Our journey started with a trip to Sonic since I was craving a corn dog and a cherry vanilla root beer. Then we were off!

We live in a really small town with a population of plus or minus 3000 people, and we decided to try to find an old cemetery to take photos in. Using our phones we GPS'd cemeteries close by, and found about 7 of them.

We ended up stumbling across the first one on accident, but there was too many people there. The second we never could find. We finally gave up trying to find it when dogs started chasing us.

The third one took us about 2 hours to find since her phone kept having us drive in circles until we finally found it. If you know us, and know where we live then you will probably find it hard to believe that there is that much road to even drive on in this one street light town. Plus, the squirrel that wouldn't get out of the middle of the road and let us pass took a little bit of our time, and there was also an issue with a goat. Once we found the cemetery we decided there was too many people there too though.

So we were off again. This time we found the fourth cemetery just fine, and we had it all to ourselves!

For some reason we thought changing shoes was extremely funny!

Tonee heard a car coming, and dropped to the ground yelling, "Here comes a car! I don't want them to see us!" Funny girl!

Argh! Pirate faces in cemeteries are cool!!!! HA!

So that was my awesome afternoon with my awesome friend! Can't wait to do it again!