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Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Favorite Day of My Vacation...So Far

Photos Dallas captured.

So I'm on vacation. Not from photography, but from my full time job (who would ever take a vacation from photography??). My son, Dallas, asked me if we could go out and take some photos on our first officialy day of vacay. The only logical answer to this was OF COURSE! So early the next morning I grabbed my D700, and let him use my D90. We were out all day in the freezing cold, and had the best time ever! We began our expidition on a nature trail close to home. I briefly showed him the basics of F-Stop, ISO, and Shutter Speed, and he took off like a pro! Time and time again he saw what he thought was an amazing photo, and time after time he came to me and said, "Look, Mom!" Everytime I looked at his viewfinder I was amazed at what he had captured. I could not have been more proud! He wasn't just clicking the shutter continously hoping for a good photo. He was seeing the photo first, and then capturing it. So after leaving the nature trail it was time to have lunch with my beloved husband, Brian. Then, we were off to take more photos! This time the lakes at Camp Robinson were where we headed to. We spent about a half hour running through, tripping over, and getting my hair stuck in thorn bushes trying to chase down a huge crane that kept flying away from us...oh how comical that was! Then we found the nature walk that goes around a couple of the lakes. I don't know how far we walked, but we were on the trail for about 3 hours. After we were good and cold, and had about 300 photos between the both of us, we decided to call it a day! We could not wait to get home and see what those photos on our view finders looked like up close and personal!

Photos captured of Dallas taking photos.


  1. They turned out great too! Hello competition, should we be worried, ang? Um... 8 ball say, probably. :)

  2. I thought they did too! I'm not worried...he can out shine momma anytime!