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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Working For The Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Not too long ago I started working for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette as one of their event photographers, and I have been having an absolute blast! They send me out on event assignments all over central Arkansas. I have been meeting the most amazing people, and taking some fantastic photos of them. What could be a better job? Absolutely nothing!

My very first assignment was Mardi Gras at the Governor's Mansion. I had never been to the Governor's Mansion before so I was super stoked! I had a wonderful time, and the 2 young musicians who provided the entertainment were so talented! The Mardi Gras decorations were amazing!

One of my other assignments was the 2011 Chef's Ball at Pulaski Technical College. The food, of course, was amazing! Combine wonderful food and photos of Governor Beebe equals Good Times!

This past Friday night I was assigned to cover the Eggshibition XX at the Jack Stephen's Center at UALR. I had been there for about 40 minutes when I heard someone yelling my name. I turned to look, and it just happened to be an old friend of mine from junior high, Brian Russell! It is such an awesome feeling to run into people from so long ago! 

Below are some photos I took just last night in Conway at the 1st Annual Jazz and Cuisine Classic. The band, food, people, decorations, everything...perfect! 

At the Stem Soiree, which was held at the Clear Channel Metroplex, these little cupcakes were so calling my name! I love anything peanut butter! 
This particular event is so far the largest I have been assigned to yet. I don't know how many people were there, but there was a ton, and it too was perfect!

So far I have had a ton of fun working for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. They have been keeping me super busy with fun places to go, see, and capture! They have already assigned me to the CARTI Ragin' Cajun Bash and the Arkansas Derby which are coming soon. I hope to see you there, and so does my camera!

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