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Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Supportive Husband

My husband, Brian, is the most supportive and loving man I have ever met. He always does everything he possibly can to help me do whatever it is that I come up with, or am assigned to do by the several publications that I freelance for.

Yesterday the Arkansas Democrat Gazette sent me to Stuttgart to cover the Wings Over the Prairie World Championship Duck Calling Contest. All I had to do was get a photo of each contestant. No biggy, right? Well, it was pouring down rain, cold, and each contestant was to perform a 90 second routine. We quickly realized we would be there for a while, and we were, and we were cold, and we were the bone, and those duck calls are pretty loud so we had a headache by the time we left.

Of course we get in the car to leave, and my wonderful, supportive husband is really excited about going home, and I had to break the news that we had another event to cover for Sync Weekly. Lucky for us it was an indoor event though.

My poor honey! I don't think these photos could express the word "miserable" any more.

My pants were soaked all the way to my knees!!

The dedicated duck calling fans!

To see all the photos from this event click here!

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