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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beauty Queen Macie

I first met Macie a little over 2 years ago when her mom, Lachelle, and I started working together. Lachelle owns Sincerely Yours Salon and Lachelle's Permanent Cosmetics on JFK in North Little Rock. I send all of my Boudoir clients to her since she does amazing work getting my ladies camera ready. If you want to look like a Supermodel then she is the lady to visit!

Lachelle called me one day to let me know she was needing more photos of Macie for a beauty pageant she had entered and won; it was certainly no surprise to me that she won since Macie is so amazingly beautiful! 

Macie and Lachelle had been looking through scholarships and just happened to see that this beauty pageant offered a huge amount of scholarship money to the winners, so of course they signed Macie up.

Macie is not only a beautiful young lady on the outside, but she is an all around beautiful person. She is so sweet, makes good grades, and is very close to her mom.

Yesterday I took more photos of Macie with her crown, but those will be saved for another blog. 

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