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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Washington DC - CPAC 2011 - Part 3

 Our last day at CPAC was a very fun day, and a busy one as well.

I met Dale Peterson at the Scotch & Cigar event the night before. Dale was certainly my most favorite politician to spend time with during the entire conference. I spent about an hour talking with him and his wife, and he agreed to let us interview him the next morning. Dale ran for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner this past November, and became the world's most famous candidate for state agriculture commissioner in a matter of hours due to a commercial of the Alabama Republican riding a horse, wearing a white hat, carrying a gun - and shooting from the lip by accusing the people in charge of his state's Agriculture Commission of being "thugs and criminals". My conversations with Dale left me with the feeling that he is a very sincere man that cares a lot about his state and his country. Make sure to check out his video; it's very impressive.

 Not long after our interview with Dale there was quite a buzz around Radio Row. The buzz was Sarah Palin. Sarah had backed out of CPAC due to a scheduling conference, so the media was quite excited to see her. The AP immediately put out a press release that she was there, BUT unfortunately for them they couldn't tell the difference between the real Sarah Palin and an uncanny look alike! 

After the Palin fiasco died down; it was time to head out for our tour of the White House. We were supposed to tour it the previous day with Senator Boozman, but due to our schedule we had to postpone the tour to the following day, and he had to fly home to Arkansas that morning, so his assistant Marilyn gave us the grand tour which was very grand indeed!

My most favorite part of the tour was when we met up with Senator Mitch McConnell's assistant, and she gave us a tour of his office. 

Senator McConnell's office.

Brian and me posing for pictures while sitting at Mitch McConnell's desk. 

Senator Boozman's assistant, Marilyn. Sweet girl and awesome tour guide!

This is the view from Senator McConnell's copy machine. I think I could handle being the copy girl in that office!

This is the view from one of the patios in the White House; it was absolutely breath taking in real life.

Needless to say, we had an amazing time at CPAC this year, and cannot wait until next year.
My next political convention will be in June for the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. Cannot wait!

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