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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day Stroll

So Brian and I have just recently purchased our second home. Merry Christmas to us! 
This New Year's Day was such an amazingly beautiful day, so we decided to make a stroll around the little over 10 acres that we have purchased. Of course I could not leave the camera in the house, so here's a few photos of our little stroll.

Photo of our new home from the backside of our pond.

My husband, Brian, and his dog, Daisy.

I have always wanted a photo like this! This one will be hanging in my office!

I absolutely love all the evergreens in our yard.

Daisy leading the way down the trail.

Deer stands & feeders. We also found tons of deer tracks & trails.

Old 4-wheeler trail.

Poor little turtle. :(

Storm damage.

My dog, Crash. 

Crash & Daisy getting a drink after our long hike.

I don't know who loves our new home or the dogs. :)

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