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Friday, December 9, 2011

My Busy Weekend...Part 3....Or Was It 4???

So this next part of my busy weekend, which was actually last weekend now, has taken me a while to get too. This week has been so busy! Either way I could not not blog about this part of last weekend. After we left the Christmas light lighting at the State Capitol everyone liked my idea of frozen yogurt. I know...who wants to eat cold yogurt or ice cream after standing and sitting in the cold all day...obviously we are weird. Ha!

So we decided to go to Orange Leaf. I brought my camera in with me just for giggles, and boy was I glad I did! My boys were cracking me up, and I was able to capture it. I love nothing more than taking photos of my kids especially when it's just them being them. Laid back, candid photos of them...yeah....those are my most favorites.

Can't get both of them looking at the camera and smiling. Someone always has to be a goofball! Too cute!

My handsome Dallas.

My handsome hubby enjoying some family time & yogurt.

Can you say close-up????

Why do boys always want to gross you out?

This kid is giving me "The Eye"!

It was obviously funny when Kolton grossed me out! 

Love seeing that smile!

Don't ask me what he was doing! Whatever it was it was funny though!

My poor, tired hubby. It was time to go home....and he was glad! :)

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